About Us

Our Mission
Creekside Industries is committed to providing the highest quality services through our skilled and dedicated employees, while striving to help our customers become leaders in their respective industries. We provide a work environment where our employees can meet their potential and grow personally and professionally, strive to be the industry standard in service to our customers, and maintain a superior level of integrity in interactions with our business partners.

Who we are
Creekside Industries is a manufacturing business located in Oneonta, NY. We provide high quality services to our customers based on their unique needs – whether with packaging, assembly, warehousing, or fulfillment – Creekside’s dedicated team gets the job done right.  Our goal is to partner with our customers to create solutions for their business needs to help them save money, improve efficiency, expand their markets, and successfully grow their businesses.

Creekside Industries is a non-profit business operated as a division of The Arc Otsego. We strongly align ourselves with the Arc Otsego’s mission by providing a work location that supports the individual needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) through the development and strengthening of lifelong job skills. These dedicated individuals – who comprise up to 75% of our workforce – have the pride of earning a paycheck that fairly compensates them based on prevailing wages for the hard work that they do. Our production team, vocational staff, and floor supervisors work together to ensure that each individual succeeds in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Our expertise with the services we offer makes us an invaluable resource for our customers and community – those who know us are already aware of the high-quality work we provide. For those who haven’t met us yet, give us a call or send an email so we can determine how to fulfill the needs of your business!

Where we’ve been
Creekside Industries has provided employment services to individuals with IDD for over 30 years. Starting out as the Vocational Training Center of the Arc Otsego, our building at 102 Browne Street was once a sheltered workshop where individuals could acquire new job skills while receiving services to support their needs. At the time, these services were not readily available within most places of employment, so vocational options for individuals with IDD were incredibly limited.  As workplaces have become more inclusive, the Vocational Training Center was able to transition its focus from sheltered employment services to supported employment services.

In the fall of 2018, the Vocational Training Center was renamed Creekside Industries, and we officially launched as an integrated manufacturing business that encourages our employees to achieve meaningful employment outcomes – whether that means staying with us for a lifelong career, or moving on to a competitive position within the open labor market.


Where we’re heading
Creekside Industries continues to grow as we develop new business and community relationships. We strive to be considered an active partner within the Otsego County community and are always looking for new products and opportunities that provide our employees with new experiences and skill sets.